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Hi, I'm sheodox! I'm a Software Engineer from Minnesota, USA.

I like making sites that help me organize my life and making tools to help learning Japanese. I hope my projects help you too!

If you enjoy what I do, any kind of support is appreciated!
(That includes telling your friends!)

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Study Japanese Using Anything


Context.Reviews that helps you build Anki flash cards to learn Japanese words using the native materials you want to read.

It uses a browser extension to watch for your searches and later helps you build beautiful looking Anki cards by just selecting text. That means you can forget about writing down every new word you encounter while you're reading and concentrate on definitions, Context.Reviews will be ready to help when you're done.

You can also import phrases from subtitle files directly! Just upload a .srt or .ass file! Now you can be 100% prepared by learning all the words in a show ahead of time.



Your Entire Week At A Glance


Konshuu is a todo planner that helps you schedule your week all at once.

Konshuu screenshot

Jimaku Player

Anime With Your Subtitles


Jimaku Player is a project that lets you use your own Japanese subtitles on anime on Crunchyroll and VRV.

You can use subtitles in any of the text-based SubRip, Advanced Substation Alpha, or WebVTT subtitle formats. It even works with mistimed subtitles!


Dice Chest

Plan things with just the broad strokes. Let Dice Chest decide the specifics.


Dice Chest is useful for planning events. Create a category for each event like Dates or Hangouts With Friends, then make lists of activities for each kind of activity you might plan.

I made it to help plan dates with my wife. We have a Dates category, and activity lists for Restaurants, Movies, Shows, Walks etc.

Planning an event is as easy as deciding what type of activities you want to do, and Dice Chest will give you a plan with a random activity from each list.

Dice Chest screenshot

Well Read

Read Without Losing the Plot


Well Read helps you organize your notes about books you're reading, so you're never lost when starting a new volume. You can also use it as a bookmark and look back at how much you've read over time.

Well Read screenshot